Bleed My Truth With
Guest Gary Beals

Who are you really? This is a question we should all ask ourselves. It’s important to find yourself. It’s essential to find the real you. Explore and try new things. Take time to reflect on who you are and be true to yourself. Once you do, get back on track and start doing the things you love.

In this episode, Coach Stone speaks with R&B recording artist Gary Beals. Having released his last full project back in 2009, Beals has undertaken a spiritual journey during his time away from music, it led him to deep reflection and personal growth. From this growth, we’re rewarded with Bleed My Truth, Beals’ third studio album that offers listeners the opportunity to experience the journey of self-discovery that the singer-songwriter undertook while creating it. Infused with elements of Soul, Gospel, and Pop, Bleed My Truth explores themes of identity, individuality, sexuality, and love.

Gary talks about his music, his journey to be his authentic self and speaking his truth in his music. He emphasizes why you should learn to walk in pride and not hesitate to show who you are. Trust and believe in yourself. You don’t need assurance from others, the right people will love you for you. 

This episode will definitely help you tap into your authentic self.

Here are some highlights of the conversation:

  • [4:53] To get what you want, you have to hustle. You can’t be lazy.
  • [7:00] I just try and find purpose in what I do with my voice and the different songs I sing.
  • [9:10] Sometimes, we get the pressure of trying to conform to what’s happening, but I’m just like I have to do what works for me and what’s good for my soul and my spirit. 
  • [10:13] People can see, and they can hear that you’re not being honest or being true. As much as we think that we can fool people, they can see that.
  • [10:56] It’s music that hits the soul. It’s music that we need.
  • [11:21] People are yearning for that kind of music — meaningful music.
  • [12:37] A brick needs to come our way, and sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to get to where you’re supposed to be or put you back on that path again.
  • [12:47] This experience, going through COVID, has been a chance for me to slow down. Because before that, I always thought like I was playing catch-up. 
  • [13:16] The importance of saying, “No, that’s not for me” and being okay with that.
  • [14:26] Everything is a journey, and your time will come.
  • [14:46] To become somebody that you’ve never been is not going to be familiar. It’s going to be uncomfortable. And I think that’s what we have to understand about our journeys in life.
  • [20:55] Showing up in the world and being present is easy to do and difficult to do because there are so many distractions. 
  • [21:11] There’s power in being present because you’re taking in everything at that moment. 
  • [26:25] I just had to come to terms with who I am, and I need to show up as myself.
  • [26:38] That’s a beautiful thing to do, to be able to travel and learn about other cultures and meet different people from all parts of the world.
  • [27:00] You grow up, and people around you teach you, but who’s to say that’s the right thing or who’s to say this is what you’re supposed to be taught. 
  • [30:12] I wanted to be able to be myself around whoever it is I’m around.
  • [31:01] Sometimes, we have to put people on notice instead of asking them permission.
  • [31:45] I showed up unapologetically as myself to say this is who I am and if you don’t like it, that’s fine.
  • [33:38] I need to walk in pride. As a black man, I walk in pride. I’m a black man, and I’m good with that. As a gay man, yes, this is who I am.
  • [37:53] We all have these layers that we’re trying to hold on to, but you need to find the core of who you are. 
  • [39:00] It’s okay to cry and let these emotions out.
  • [39:27] If you need to cry, cry. If you need to express something, express something. But find that core group of people or that person that you can be yourself.
  • [44:46] Love me for me. Don’t love me for who you think I should be.
  • [47:40] I don’t even need the assurance. I just know through myself that it was the right thing for me to do. 
  • [48:45] Patience is important.
  • [49:09] Sometimes, we look to people for answers, but the answers are within.
  • [49:22] I need to trust myself.
  • [50:28] You have the answers. We just have to learn to ask ourselves better questions and be brave enough to listen to the answers.
  • [50:50] It’s not just about other people accepting you for you. It’s about whether you even accept yourself as yourself. Because when you do, then it’s so easy to maneuver about through life.
  • [51:26] We feel that we have to be a certain way or certain person for people to love us, and that’s not true. The people who love you are going to love you for who you are.
  • [53:21] When you’re in the right lane with the right people, it feels good.
  • [55:01] Sometimes, you have to get uncomfortable finding that thing for you.
  • [55:47] Explore. It’s okay to try this and try that. And if it doesn’t work, then you go onto the next thing. 
  • [56:16] It’s important to find your tribe, your people, that you can be yourself around.
  • [57:09] To become the better version of yourself, you have to be around people who encourage you and inspire you.
  • [1:04:26] Grind means putting in the work. It means working towards a goal — a purpose.  
  • [1:05:49] The more grateful you are, the more God will continue to bless you, and the more good energy will come your way.

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