5 Things to Give Up for More Clarity and Focus in Your Life

5 Things You Need to Give Up For More Clarity And Focus

How do you get more clarity and focus in your life?

This is what so many people are seeking the answers to but are challenged to figure it out.

In this episode Coach Danny Stone breaks down 5 things you have to give up in order to gain more clarity and focus to create the life you want!

  • [4:37] Fast food is not designed to give you clarity and focus.
  • [5:04] It’s not designed to give you energy.
  • [5:55] Fast food is addictive and they designed it to be addictive.
  • [7:40] Everything starts small.
  • [10:46] You can make that shift. These are things you have to give up, you can start doing less of.
  • [11:14] Successful people are reading, they’re watching documentaries, they’re educating themselves, they’ve taken seminars, they’re having meaningful conversations.
  • [12:12] We have to be conscious on how we’re spending our time and what we’re spending our time on.
  • [12:37] I think a lot of us have toxic people in our lives. It’s time for us to clear out those toxic people.
  • [15:04] Stop telling them your goals and dreams.
  • [18:55] Do an audit of your day, and look at how you spend your time.
  • [19:18] Instead of taking a lazy day, get up and get active!
  • [22:53] All of those things just came together and it just created this unhealthy lifestyle. And it showed because I wasn’t as productive as I should’ve been.
  • [23:50] I had to give those things up because I have a bigger mission in life.
  • [24:05] How can I do that if I’m not willing to do it for myself?
  • [26:05] Take a look at how many hours you spend on your phone for one week.
  • [26:52] It’s probably going to be the most difficult one for all of us but it’s something for you to think about.
  • [27:57] The phones and social media are designed for us to be addicted.

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