Stop Asking Permission and Start Giving Notice

Stop Asking Permission, Start Giving Notice

How many times have your close friends or loved ones tried to talk you out of taking action or pursuing your goals and dreams?

“I think it’s too hard for you to do that” or “I don’t think you should try that because it might not work out”

Sound familiar?

Too often others try to talk us out of doing something we want to do to better ourselves and level up our lives. Or they simply hate on us for even attempting to make our dreams a reality.

In this episode, we are going to break down why people don’t believe in us and how we can shift in our mindset to stop listening to them and our inner critic and to make the leap towards our dreams.

If you’re ready to start believing in your goals and dreams again, listen to this episode!

  • [3:43] Sometimes, you’re curious about things, and you never act on them.
  • [4:21] You learn from failing.
  • [6:40] Have you ever told a friend or family member about a goal that you had, and then they tried to talk you out of it? They would tell you all the reasons why it was so hard to achieve that.
  • [8:25] One of two things happens when you go out there and chase your goals and dreams. When they see you out here putting up the work, they realize they have to step up and level up their game. 
  • [9:00] The other time, they’d hate on you and try to talk you out of it because they’re not willing to level up their game. And they know that being around you is going to make them feel awkward and inadequate.
  • [10:12] You have to stop focusing on other people and focus on you.
  • [13:31] They’re afraid that once you have this awakening, they feel like they’re getting left behind. 
  • [14:54] It’s almost as if we are asking them for permission. We want them to validate what we’re going to do. We have to stop expecting people to be that and be that for ourselves. 
  • [15:34] Nobody owes us anything.
  • [16:00] If you have a gift or a talent, or if you’re pursuing something that you’re curious and passionate about. 
  • [18:30] You have to be crystal clear on what you want.
  • [20:01] There’s a difference between “should” and “must.”
  • [20:10] Now, you have to know why it is a must.
  • [21:45]Once I got clear of all those things, and why they were all a must, then it was difficult for me to talk myself out of it.
  • [25:45] Progress equals belief.

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