5 Things You Can Do to Stand Out in your Industry

How do you stand out from other entrepreneurs or business owners in a world of so many? It’s something that many individuals and business owners struggle with. In this episode, Coach Danny Stone lays out some tips to help you stand out from others in your industry.

These five tips will help you break through the sea of noise and standout! And no it’s not just about sales and marketing. Take a listen.

  • [2:28] You don’t have to be the most outgoing person to be able to connect and stand out from other people.
  • [2:58] Be authentic.
  • [3:58] People can see through the BS. They can see when you’re lying.
  • [5:14] Be vulnerable.
  • [6:36] It’s owning up to those mistakes that really makes that connection between you and potential customers.
  • [7:45] What did you learn from those mistakes?
  • [7:57] Do what you say you’re going to do.
  • [8:49] Deliver the product or service on time. Deliver the big promise that you make.
  • [13:16] I took note of those individual needs and started to look at patterns in terms of what potential customers were struggling with.
  • [14:01] Listening to what your customers want is so powerful. It really helps you to hone into what they want.
  • [16:14] What did you learn from the struggles? What did you learn from the successes?
  • [17:49] That’s the power of storytelling. You have to learn to be a better storyteller if you want to stand out from your competitors.
  • [20:29] I step up and say I’m human. I make mistakes. Here’s how it’s gotten better and helped my business.

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