3 Visual Techniques to Manifest What You Want

3 Visual Techniques to Manifest What You Want

For many decades athletes have been incorporating visualization into their training routines. Some of the greatest athletes in the world from Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan to Michael Phelps have also used visualization to manifest not only winning, but becoming the most memorable and successful athletes of all time. But visualization is not just for athletes, CEO, successful entrepreneurs, and various individuals utilize not only visualization but other visuals to manifest their dreams.

In this episode, Danny Stone shares 3 visuals that he, his coaching clients, and countless others incorporate into their daily lives to achieve unimaginable dreams. He breaks down the power of visualization, vision boars and symbols and how you can utilize these 3 visual techniques to manifest your goals and dream lifestyle.

Here is some of what is mentioned in this episode:

  • [2:04] I mean, the greatest basketball player in history, Michael Jordan, used to do a lot of visualization. And this was, you know, back in the 80s in the 90s.
  • [4:45] But there’s a reason why athletes, CEOs, highly successful entrepreneurs and other people use visualization because it works. It’s just that most of us do it wrong. We’re not committed to visualizing what we want.
  • [6:06] Ask yourself this. If I had nothing holding me back, what would I want to see in my life
  • [7:34] See, when you attach a motion to something that makes it more real, you feel it.
  • [12:09] And I never wanted to dream big because I never thought it was possible. And that was something that I realized about myself growing up in low-income housing, and my dad wasn’t there. And a lot of people around me were very negative. So I never thought about big dreams
  • [14:49] The second visual I have for you and I’m sure you know about this is vision boards. Now vision boards are simply just you know a piece of boards. A piece of paper, a spot on your wall, a whiteboard, a corkboard, anything that you can put things on. And what you do is you get visual representations of things that you want to manifest in your life.
  • [16:50] Another thing that I like to do is have it as a screensaver on my smartphone. So every time that I pick up my phone, I see my vision board
  • [18:28] Now, just like visualization, vision boards are the same, you have to take action towards these things, right? You can’t just sit back and think that they’re all just magically going to come to you, you still want to take action, you still want to do some things towards what it is that you’re trying to achieve.
  • [20:32] The third visual that I talked to people about is a symbol. And a symbol is something that represents either something that you really want to achieve a lifestyle that you want to live, or something that’s important to you
  • [21:10] So it has to be either something on an image or something on your phone, a key chain, a ring and necklace, earring, something that you keep with you all the time. And the reason why it’s so powerful, and the reason, why you have to carry it with you all the time, is, is we have a tendency to procrastinate.
  • [22:11] And so when you carry it with you all the time, when you look at it, it’s like oh yeah, this is something that I really want to achieve, I need to get going, Oh yeah, I can see myself living that lifestyle that I really want to live
  • [23:41] And so when I used to go through this procrastination phase, I would just have a picture of my grandmother on my phone. And every time I would pick up my phone to scroll through social media, I would see her face. And it would just remind me that I can do bigger things. And I have to get going on those things. And so that was a symbol that I had on my phone.

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