5 Common Mistakes People Make When Giving a Speech

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Giving a Speech

Public speaking is a very important skill that most of us need to continue to develop. Why? When you become a better presenter you build your confidence, enhance your leadership skills, become a better communicator, advance your career and grow your business.

It’s also the biggest fear that most people have; standing in front of a group of people and making a speech or giving a presentation.

In this episode, Coach and Transformational Speaker, Danny Stone is breaking down the 5 common mistakes people make when giving a speech or delivering a presentation. These are common mistakes you should avoid if you want to have a memorable speech or presentation in a good way, not memorable in a bad way.

Here are some highlights of this episode:

  • [3:22] The reason that you stand up in front of this audience is that you have information, you have knowledge, you have lessons, you have something that the audience needs, and the fact that you’re brave enough to stand up in front of that audience and deliver that information, you should give yourself some credit for doing that.
  • [4:43] The first common mistake is that they lack preparation. Most people don’t prepare enough when they’re giving a speech. And I think this is really, really important. You really have to take time to prepare your speech.
  • [8:03] The second big mistake that I see a lot of presenters make is that they have way too much information in their presentation. I mean, way too much information, the presentation might be 30 minutes, and they have an hour and a half’s worth of content for 30 minutes.
  • [9:47] Don’t try to make this mass presentation where you just dump everything on individuals that never goes well.
  • [10:23] The third biggest mistake that a lot of people make is they don’t use visuals properly. And one of the most common visuals that a lot of presenters use is some type of PowerPoint presentation, or some type of whiteboard, or some type of flip chart. They don’t know how to use it properly.
  • [14:26] How do you come up with a great intro? There’s so many things you can do. You can start by asking a question to the audience that catches them right away. By show of hands how many people have done this. And that’s a great way to start. Maybe you start with a joke.
  • [12:59] The fourth common mistake that a lot of people make is they don’t have a powerful opening. When you come out and you have this speech, or you’re or you’re giving this presentation, you need to come up with a very powerful opening.
  • [17:49] The fifth common mistake that I see a lot of presenters make that I made many, many times is that I didn’t pace myself. In the speech. I used to come out and I was on 1000 Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, I never took a breath. I would just go go, go go, go, go-go. I didn’t slow down. I didn’t control my tone and my pitch. I was just I was on 100.
  • [24:32] Those are five common mistakes that people make. The first one is they, they lack of preparation. The second one is just too much information in your presentation. The third one is the misuse of visuals like PowerPoint slides and other visuals, they don’t use them properly. The fourth one is they don’t have a powerful intro, which is so so important. And then the fifth one is really your speaking, your tone and using pauses and allowing space for people to absorb the information.

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