Cooking up Life Lessons With Chef Collin Stone

Cooking Up Life Lesson With Chef Collin Stone

He has been on the cover of magazines, billboards, TV commercials, he’s won a gold medal in the culinary Olympics, and he’s cooked for the Prime Minister of Canada. He’s been an Executive Chef at some of Canada’s top restaurants and he won numerous culinary competitions.

In this episode, I have my uncle Chef Collin Stone, who shares more than recipes, he dishes out lessons on his life journey to being a well-known Canadian chef.

You will definitely want to listen to this episode if you have ever fell down in your life or made mistakes and needed to bounce back. Chef Stone shares stories of resilience, overcoming challenges, and walking in faith.

He talks about:

  • Finding his passion at an early age
  • Why being a chef isn’t just about cooking, it’s about understanding people
  • Life lessons from his mother and how it shaped who he is
  • How faith got him through difficult times and got him back on track
  • Why you need to humble yourself and set pride and ego aside
  • How you can overcome difficult times in your life
  • The importance of understanding that you can always re-start your life

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