Ep# 102: Stop Talking to the Wrong Clients


As entrepreneurs, side hustlers and business owners the most important way to grow your business is to land your ideal clients. Yet, so many business owners spend time pushing their products and services on potential customers.

It’s time to stop talking to the wrong clients.You know the type of client that doesn’t want to pay you what you’re worth, makes unreasonable demands, and is never satisfied? The type of client that drains your energy and takes up your valuable time? If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop talking. You need to focus on finding your ideal clients.It is important to know who your ideal client is. Get to know them and their needs and wants. Once you are able to identify this person, you can start targeting them with your marketing efforts. The most important way to grow your business is by landing your ideal client. It’s not just about the numbers of clients, it’s about the quality of clients that you have in your business.

In this episode Coach Danny Stone talks about why business owners need to stop chasing the wrong clients and hone in on their ideal clients.

Here is some of what they talks about in this episode:

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