Ep. 112: The Public Speaking Secret Almost NO ONE is Talking About

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Business owners, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers all want to make more impact, money and have more influence.

One of the fastest ways to build authority, your brand, and your business is public speaking. But for most people public speaking is terrifying and complicated and most of the people teaching public speaking are teaching an old method that is outdated.

In this podcast episiode, Coach Danny Stone shares a BIG SECRET that almost NO ONE in the public speaking industry is talking about. It completely goes against the OLD WAY of teaching public speaking and unlocks a NEW WAY!

This new method helps you to not just speak to your audience, but engage them and lead them to take action which is what you want if you are a business owner.

Coach Stone lays out a simple, proven, 4-step method that has been around for decades but hasn’t been applied to public speaking. It’s a method that has been used for effective teaching and instruction, but never public speaking.

Here is some of what you will hear in this episode:

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