Ep #57: 10 Benefits


I’m sure you have been told or you have experienced benefits from helping other people. Whether you volunteered, helped out, or just lent your expertise to others in need, you are most likely aware of how it made them feel and how it made you feel.

In this episode, Coach Stone breaks down the benefits of helping others. He believes we are all on this planet to serve others and to help others and in this episode, he reminds you why it is important to be of service to others.


Take a listen and dive into this episode and reflect on how you have helped others and how you can continue to be of service to others and the benefits of your service.

In this episode, Coach Stone gets real about why he invested in public speaking and how it has transformed his life helping him go from a shy, quiet, unsure person to a transformational speaker, coach, and author that is changing lives.

He shares 3 reasons he invested in public speaking sharing stories and lessons along his journey that will help you get clear about how you can build your confidence, enhance your speaking and change lives.

Here is some of what he talks about in this episode:

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