Ep# 94 Why You Should Never Work for Free

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As an entrepreneur or business owner, this may have happened to you, or it may still happen to you where someone asks you to provide your services or products for free. When they do, what is your response? Are you angry, upset, or disappointed? Or maybe you are fine with it and you are happy to do it.

In this episode, Coach Danny Stone talks about how his Instagram reel that started out as a funny skit, turned into a viral moment on his platform for him. It reached thousands of people and garnered lots of comments, likes, shares and direct messages from lots of entrepreneurs fed up with people asking for free products and services.


The posts led Coach Stone to do this episode talking about why you should never work for free and how there are always ways for you to walk away from a business deal with something of value.

Here is some of what he talks about in this episode:

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