From Passion to Purpose With RnB Singer JRDN

JRDN is a Toronto-based R&B recording artist, his songs have yielded Gold status in Canada, and he’s also a Juno Award winner. The Juno’s are Canada’s version of the Grammy Music awards in the United States He’s been on hiatus and is now back with a new album, called Ralph, to be released sometime this year in  2020.

In this episode, JRDN opens up about following his two passions, basketball and music, overcoming deaths in his family, evolving as an artist, letting go of old friends that were holding him back and surrounding himself with positive people. He talks about the highs and lows of the music industry, beating drug addiction and the importance of getting started on your dream.

You will learn so much about JRDN, but more importantly, you will learn so much about yourself.

Listen to this episode.

  • [9:21] It started because they made fun of me. I said to myself if you’re going to make fun of me, you know what, I’m going to do what you love and become just as good, if not better.
  • [9:53] I kind of call myself a late bloomer. I’m thankful for those guys because I wouldn’t have that journey in life and go down that road playing basketball.
  • [14:05] Babyface was the number one influence. And when you’re listening to so many artists, you kind of to take a little bit from each other not knowing that you’re doing it.
  • [17:21] I went to Kenya. We went over to build schools and experience the life over there.
  • [22:25] It doesn’t matter what you do. We can all make a difference.
  • [22:43] It’s my responsibility to do more and help other people.
  • [23:25] This time around, I don’t have anybody in my ear. This is all me. The tracklisting, the way it’s in order, it’s really all me. Not having anyone tell me you have to drop this off. I can finally be free and do what I want.
  • [25:56] There’s no pressure and it feels more comfortable.
  • [27:13] It’s a lot freer. The freedom is there. We go in with no expectations and no limitations.
  • [30:34] It’s different when you work with someone on the same level in terms of what you’re trying to create in the world.
  • [30:51] Be aware of your life support network. Are they lifting you up or holding you back?
  • [37:12] My mom always gave me great advice, never lets me forget who I am and where I came from.
  • [37:20] My daughter keeps me in the straight and narrow. Keeps my feet on the ground. Family to me is really important.
  • [39:10] We have something that we’re passionate about. That’s what helps me cope.
  • [39:30] That becomes my therapy. The music and the studio, that’s my therapy.
  • [43:08] I love that you’re using your music to bring people together because that’s what we need right now.
  • [52:16] If you see your kid picking up a camera, go nurture that.
  • [52:30] It’s finding that passion and not being influenced by anybody else telling you how it’s done.
  • [52:40] You have to have the discipline to follow your curiosity.

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