How to Develop a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thinking like an entrepreneur is not natural for many entrepreneurs because a majority of people were raised on the idea to graduate high school and go to university or get a “good job.” Society wants us to be employee, and we are taught to be, think and behave as an employee. There is nothing wrong with that at all. If someone has the desire to have a career that they love working in an organization that they love, that is their choice.

However, what if someone wants to become an entrepreneur? What if they decide that they want to “be their own boss” and do what they love for a living… How do they learn to develop a winning entrepreneurial mindset?

Most entrepreneurs figure it out on their own. In this episode, Coach Stone shares 7 tips to help you start thinking like an entrepreneur and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether you are thinking about becoming a start a business or you currently have a business, this episode will help you think lock in on the mindset it takes to be successful.


  • [6:30] And when you look around for help, and you look around for other people, some of your family, some of your friends, some of your co-workers or colleagues aren’t gonna understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, because it’s foreign to them.
  • [8:50] almost every successful person I know has had a coach, has many coaches, or has a bunch of mentors. And so you have to see that as an investment. 
  • [11:03] Matter of fact, you have to understand that there is no box, as an entrepreneur, there’s no box, you’re not in any box, you can do whatever you want as an entrepreneur.
  • [13:06] Number four really great entrepreneurs know this, they outsource and they delegate.
  • [18:19] Listen to your customers. It’s not what you think they want. It’s what they tell you that they want.
  • [24:09] As an entrepreneur, obviously, it’s always about selling. And a lot of us don’t like to sell.
  • [26:41] And what works really well too is telling stories, sharing your own personal stories, or stories of your customers or your clients or testimonials, or things that haven’t worked or things that you tried that didn’t work, but you made adjustments or stories of you know, your customers and how they came to you and said that they wanted something different.
  • [28:03] But sometimes we still think like an employee. And as an employee, you wouldn’t go and ask the CEO if they want to go off, right, we just don’t do that.

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