How to Get Over the Imposter Syndrome

How to Get Over the Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve ever felt like you’re undeserving of your current success, incompetent, or “not good enough” for your clients or your company, remember that this feeling is not something you solely experience.

Even doctors, engineers, award-winning professionals, and all those highly-successful people in our eyes may experience the impostor syndrome at some point in their life.

I’ll share with you great tips on overcoming this and what you can do every time you feel like your thoughts are on overdrive for negative talk.

  • [2:54] 70% of people feel like impostors in their profession.
  • [4:35] I would land these big contracts, and I would feel like I duped the client, like I wasn’t qualified.  
  • [6:13] How do we deal with this impostor syndrome that sometimes just takes control of our lives?
  • [8:07] We are so concerned about what other people think about us.
  • [11:52] Acknowledge yourself for where you are and what you’ve achieved, and your expertise.
  • [13:02] Acknowledge yourself for the amazing things that you’ve done.
  • [15:10]  Recognize how you’ve helped other people.
  • [15:58] The reason that we feel like impostors is because we feel like what we do isn’t helping other people on the level that we think.
  • [17:29] You should be collecting testimonials from your clients. Ask them in what way has this helped you. How was this product, how was this service?
  • [17:51] Get it to know what’s valuable.
  • [19:28]  Don’t teach what you don’t know.
  • [20:05] If you don’t know something, find somebody who does.
  • [23:18] Acknowledge and replace those negative thoughts. Think about where those thoughts are coming from.
  • [24:44] It’s okay to get that feedback, but don’t let it define you.
  • [27:48]  You’re not an impostor. You may feel that way sometimes, but you have to remind yourself that there’s greatness within you. You have knowledge of information that people need and want.
  • [29:01 ]Feeling like an impostor is temporary.

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