Minding Your Mind With Nicole Waldron

Minding Your Mind With Nicole Waldron

Your mind is very powerful. Imagine what’s possible for you when you learn to take care of your mind and feed it what it needs to lead you to victory. Imagine being able to have more peace and calm, more clarity, and more focus to achieve things you never imagined and live the life you deserve.

In this episode, I have my friend Nicole Waldron. Nicole is a professional event planner, Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster, Activist, Producer who works tirelessly for the advancement, progress, and prosperity of her community. She is the founder of The Victory Speaks Podcast and The Victory Speaks Online Show which inspires people to live a victorious life.

Nicole and I sit down and she talks about mental health, shifting your mindset, iron sharpeners (you gotta tune in to find out more), morning rituals, faith, family, and how to keep going when you don’t want to get out of bed. You will definitely want to pick up these gems she is dropping.

Here are a few clips from this episode:

  • [8:09] Victory speaks, your victory speaks. And so, when we speak of victory, and we have inspired conversation, it infuses life into others
  • [10:68] In my 20s I had this vision for doing conferences, and, and all this kind of stuff. But then I started looking at how many people were doing conferences. And so I talked myself out of it. And then I started to look at is my voice really necessary to the noise, not realizing at that time that my voice had its own frequency for its own people, just like McDonald’s is next to Burger King next to Wendy’s, everybody, they all burgers. Everybody has a different flavor.
  • [13:52] Because your story matters, your story can make a difference in somebody’s life. And I’ve seen that happen. And also my iron sharpens other reminders.
  • [18:84] So imagine if you have 10 fingers, that’s 10 fingerprints, that’s different than anybody else in the world, if nothing else mattered to you. Like that’s like, you could just think on the fingerprint and recognize the uniqueness.
  • [31:73] Yeah, sometimes we’re so tied to the outcome. We’re afraid to try and fear. I know fear has been it has my been my greatest weakness. And it has also been my champion when I flip the fear and let it come back into working like me and doing it afraid.
  • [36:75] I say mind your mind. You’re going to start seeing me really speaking on this more minding your mind. What is your mindset? What are you putting into your mind? And I say to anybody listening, do a mind fast.
  • [38:57] So, it’s so important that we understand that our minds and brains are connected, and study it and understand it, and renew our minds with our thinking daily.

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