Service to Others is Service to You

Service to Others is Service to You

Have you been of service to people recently? Do you remember how you felt afterward?

If you’ve been hesitant about reaching out, helping others, and volunteering time or skills for the benefit of someone else, then listen in so you could learn about the reasons why your service is as important to others and yourself.

  • [6:38] When you decide to be of service to other people, it benefits you even if you’re stuck even if you’re struggling.
  • [10:02] It helped them either see themselves in my stories or avoid the mistakes that I had made.
  • [10:21] Help other people move to those challenges.
  • [10:30] Helps us find more meaning and purpose when we can’t see it.
  • [11:39] Get out there and help other people.
  • [13:19] It was rewarding for me because it was something that I loved to do.
  • [15:47] This all happened because I wanted to be of service to other people.
  • [17:56] It was just something that grew and grew until finally, she was able to quit her job and open a location.
  • [18:12] That was just something she enjoyed doing. She was doing it to help her friends out.
  • [18:33] You may be out helping others, volunteering, using your skills and your talents to help people. It could turn out into a side hustle or a full out business.
  • [18:47 ] You can’t find that if you never choose to do something different. If you never step outside of your comfort zone, if you don’t stretch yourself.
  • [19:04] That’s what growth is. You want to grow as a person. You want to become a better version of yourself.
  • [19:51] You learn to find that one gift within yourself that maybe you didn’t realize.
  • [20:03] Volunteering has opened things within me that I never knew that was just there.
  • [21:04] I think that so many of us have so much to give. We stop ourselves because we don’t believe that the information we have is valuable.
  • [21:35] Don’t hold back. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

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