Why We Love Superheroes And Why We Are Superheroes

Why We Love Superheroes and Why We ARE Superheroes

Why do people line up for superhero movies and what makes us similar to these superheroes when living our life. What is it about them that we can relate to? 

In this episode, I’ll share five reasons why we’re so into superheroes and how we can harness these traits to get the life that we desire.

  • [2:25] These superhero movies are more than just entertainment for us. We look at these movies and search for our own meaning in our lives.
  • [2:50] A study at Kyoto University states that even as infants, we can recognize heroes.
  • [7:10] When we watch these superhero movies, we try to find the superhero within us.
  • [8:58] We have these talents and gifts within us. 
  • [10:30] Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes. Dust yourself up and keep going.
  • [11:16] For some of us we’re still living in the past. We’re so focused on the mistakes and the things that went wrong.
  • [12:12] We’re all flawed individuals but we all have the ability to do amazing things in the world.
  • [12:40] There’s something in you that others need to hear. There’s something in you that people need to experience.
  • [12:50] What is the one thing that you do best that people come to you for.
  • [13:52 ] How many times have you tried to help and people didn’t appreciate it. They criticized, they laughed at you, they ridiculed you and told you to mind your own business.
  • [15:14] I’m not gonna let that one person or that situation stop me.
  • [15:52] Your bigger mission is to save yourself.
  • [19:39] We love superheroes because they’re regular people who can put on those costumes and save the day.
  • [21:42] There are so many factors why you’re not feeling like a champion.
  • [21:56] There’s something great about you. There’s something special about you.
  • [23:56] You do it by trying different things and stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  • [26:19 ] We can’t focus on other people. We have to focus on ourselves. 

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