You ARE Naturally Creative, Curious, Resourceful and Whole

You ARE Naturally Creative, Curious, Resourceful and Whole

There is something you need to know about yourself. Something you must understand if you want to go from surviving to thriving. What you need to know is that you are naturally creative, curious, resourceful, and whole.

You must understand that you have the ability to get through any difficult situation and you have the ability to achieve amazing things in your life once you learn how to look inward.

In this episode Coach Stone breaks down what it means to be naturally creative, curious, resourceful, and whole and teaches you how to tap into it to shift your life forward.

Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

[2:37] Even if you are going through a difficult time, or you’re lacking confidence or you’re depressed or you feel like you just don’t know where you belong, you are still naturally resourceful, creative, curious, and whole, you’re not broken.

[4:14] There’s something special about you find out what it is and live it out loud.

[4:37]  I just thought you know growing up in low-income housing that I would just never amount to anything. I was headed down the wrong path. I saw a lot of friends go in and out of jail. I lost friends to gun violence and I just thought that was my destiny.

[6:19]  We’re too busy focusing on what other people have to say we’re too busy comparing ourselves to other people, we’re too busy focusing on the failures, the mistakes, the lack of money, lack of love, lack of attention, lack of resources, lack of connection, we’re focusing on all of these external things that we don’t think that we have.

[8:14]  Because when you can be creative when there’s room for you to expand what’s possible, then you begin to go from thinking things in your life are impossible to possible.

[10:34] We don’t ask questions, we don’t explore, we don’t try new things. And so as a result, we stay in this comfortably uncomfortable box.

[14:43] Stop shutting down that curiosity. Stop trying to justify why you can’t explore that curiosity. Stop saying well, I can’t travel because I don’t have money. I can’t travel because I don’t have a passport. I can’t travel because I don’t speak the language. Stop that. Stop stopping your curiosity, explore it, it’s leading you somewhere, there’s a reason that you keep getting pulled towards something.

[20:35]  Whether it’s finding a new job, whether it’s writing that book, finally, whether it’s starting a podcast like this, whether it’s traveling to another country, whether it’s looking for a life partner, whether it’s being a better parent, whether it’s losing the weight, whether it’s eating healthier, whether it’s finding ways to make more money, whether it’s getting out of debt, whatever that thing is, that you’re curious about, or that you feel that you need to do, take action on it, you don’t need to perfect plan, you don’t have to know exactly how it’s gonna happen.

[25:10] So creativity allows you to dream bigger, it allows you to think bigger than where you are.

[27:19] And the whole piece around being whole is waking up every day, being grateful. wholeness is a part of gratitude. It’s a part of acknowledging that you’re grateful for the things that you have in your life. you’re grateful for who you are, what you bring to the world, what you’re trying to create, who you’re trying to become.

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